Introduction To pydas

pydas is a Python client library for Midas Server 3.


Installing and Upgrading pydas

The easiest way to install pydas is through pip, as this will automatically install all Python dependencies.

Install pydas:

pip install pydas

Upgrade pydas:

pip install --upgrade pydas

Checking your Installation

  • The version of your Midas Server 3 instance is displayed at the bottom of any Midas Server 3 page
  • The version of pydas you have installed is available via Python interpreter (as of pydas version 0.2.2)
>>> import pydas
>>> pydas.version

You can check the version of your Midas Server 3 instance via pydas, which will ensure that pydas can communicate with your server instance and that your server’s web API plugin is active.

>>> import pydas
>>> core_driver = pydas.drivers.CoreDriver('http://domain/midas3')
>>> core_driver.get_server_version()